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How to replace the MacBook Air battery?

Taking into account the situation with replacing batteries in iPods and iPhone phones, it was easy to guess that a new ultra-thin laptop with a non-removable battery would need to be sent to the company to replace it. These fears were confirmed: according to Apple, replacing the MacBook Air battery costs $ 129, requires sending the computer to a service center and takes 5 business days.

However, as it turns out, the process of replacing the battery of a new laptop is not as difficult as for an iPod or iPhone. According to AppleInsider, in order to perform the operation, it is enough to have only one screwdriver. By unscrewing the screws that secure the bottom cover, and removing it, you can access the battery compartment. The lithium-polymer battery itself (capacity – 37 Wh) is unscrewed from the chassis with the same screwdriver and easily disconnected from the board, since its wires are not soldered, but equipped with a connector.

Given the ease of operation, we can safely say that in the near future, third-party manufacturers will release batteries for MacBook Air with detailed instructions for self-installation.

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