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Some Arabs Invest in AMD, Others Prefer Sony

The two major investment deals of November are linked by the location of the investing company, namely the United Arab Emirates.

A little earlier, we wrote about a deal worth $ 622 million, as a result of which Mubadala became the owner of 8.1% of AMD shares, and now the leading financial portals report that Dubai International Capital invested half a billion dollars (the amount can be specified, for the current the moment it is not officially confirmed by the investor) at Sony.

The Japanese microelectronics giant is a much larger corporation than AMD, and therefore this amount is adequate to the price of 1% of Sony shares.

The company’s attractiveness rose markedly in the last quarter, when it announced the growth of sales revenue after a prolonged crisis, one of the main reasons for which was the story of spontaneously flammable laptop batteries.

Source: Bloomberg

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