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NASA chips do not burn on fire?

As you know, one of the main enemies of increased processor performance is high temperature
the latter, with which they try to fight as developers of new
CPUs and overclockers alike rely on the help of new
efficient technologies.

Scientists at NASA seem to have decided to tackle the problem of overheating silicon chips with
the other side. Their task was to develop a chip that would not have to
cool, such that would be able to operate at extremely high
temperatures. And it looks like they’ve already made some progress. Development of,
dubbed “silicon carbide differential amplifier integrated circuit”,
reported to be able to function normally at 500 degrees
Celsius. At least 1700 hours of the test did not reveal
any refusals.

Project Lead, Electronics Engineer, Phil Neudeck, Aeronautics
Research Mission Directorate (NASA) noted that this
a significant step forward in the development of fault-tolerant electronics for
work in a hostile harsh environment. Since the special processor
can withstand high temperatures, then there are no longer any cooling requirements
is not presented, therefore, it will have a very high rating
reliability, which is especially appreciated by NASA.

What is even more important in this project is that a similar design that was
applied in the development of a processor, can be applied to one degree or another
developers of equipment for astronauts and to other electronics nodes, and this
means additional benefits in the form of a reduction in the total number of nodes when
installation, simplification of some structures, and, which is also important, general
weight reduction of structures. Eventually this will all lead to some
lower mission costs while improving reliability.

In space, the application of the new development abounds, for example, such chips
can be used in an unfavorable environment for humans on
Venus, where they will function as part of robots. On Earth
temperature-resistant processors can be used in, say, hardware,
used “for wear and tear” in the oil and gas industry.

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