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AMD Announces Toliman (Phenom X3) Tri-Core Desktop Processors

updated its plans to release multi-core processors today,
designed for installation in desktop computers.
Tri-core Phenom X3 based on processor architecture
Barcelona will join the lineup of 2-core Phenom X2 and 4-core
Phenom X4. True, as for the name for this solution, then,
according to sources, officially it
will be coded

The novelty will have characteristics similar to the future Phenom X2 and Phenom X4:
Socket AM2 +, DDR2 memory controller, 512KB L2 cache and shared
L3 memory 2 MB. In fact,
The 3-core version of Phenom is 4-core, but with
disabled by one core. This circumstance will allow AMD
kill two birds with one stone (at least): increase the percentage of good products and
to bring to the market a “new” processor that will expand the model range; proposing
a very unusual product for a consumer – a triple-core processor.

Therefore, the company can boldly and truthfully claim that it offers the buyer
a one-of-a-kind 3-core processor, pushing multi-core solutions into
the masses (this is what AMD emphasizes) – after all, Phenom X3 will be more affordable (cheaper) than Phenom X4 – in
AMD talks about competitive price for Toliman.

3-core Phenom X3 will inherit from Barcelona interesting and useful technical
Features: Separate core frequency control (Cool ‘n’ Quiet
2.0) and energy saving strategies. Besides
Moreover, the new processor will work with the HyperTransport 3 bus.0, providing
up to 16 Gb / s bandwidth.

directly the performance of future AMD 3-core solutions,
then the company claims that the increase in performance compared to 2-core
decisions will be significant, at least as the test results indicate
SYSmark 2021 and 3DMark06 (digital content and gaming applications).

The official release of the triple-core Phenom should take place like
expected in the first quarter of 2021, and in the next quarter, we recall,
4-core Phenom to be announced.

Sources: AMD,
CNet, DailyTech,

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