Ramtron F-RAM came in handy for PC / 104 compatible single board computers fimicro

Ferroelectric non-volatile memory F-RAM, developed and manufactured by Ramtron International, has been the topic of our news more than once. Usually, it was about the release of the next device – memory microcircuits, as was the case with the FM21L16 with a density of 2 Mbit and FM22L16 with a density of 4 Mbit, or a microcontroller with built-in memory, as in the case of the VRS51L3072.

Meanwhile, as can be assumed, F-RAM microcircuits are not only produced, but also used in serial designs. For example, the German embedded systems maker fimicro decided to take advantage of a new type of non-volatile memory in the active104 series of single-board computers and smart I / O modules.

The aforementioned FM22L16 parallel F-RAM replaces Flash, Static Random Access Memory (SRAM), and Electrically Erasable Nonvolatile Memory (EEPROM) in PC / 104 compatible SBCs and boards that implement RAID, Ethernet and USB controller functionality.

These products each use four 4Mbit devices to form a 2MB system memory from which the system can boot or restore a previously saved state in milliseconds. In other words, the most remarkable properties of F-RAM came in handy – non-volatility, unlimited write cycles and high performance.

One more device, F-RAM with a density of 4 Mbit is used in I / O modules as a replacement for SRAM memory, where non-volatile memory allows you to guarantee data integrity in case of power problems.

Source: Ramtron

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