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GPU shipments up 20% over the year

Jon Peddie Research (JPR) has calculated the market shares of each GPU manufacturer and other industry metrics for the third calendar quarter of this year.

Traditionally, the third quarter has seen a rise in shipments as PC makers and retailers prepare for the holiday season. This year, this effect was especially noticeable – the increase compared to the second quarter was the highest in the last six years and amounted to 20.17%. For comparison – a year ago this value was 12.52%, and two years ago – 11.59%.

In total, 97.85 million GPUs were sold in the third quarter. Of which 37.20 million. pieces were sold by Intel, which amounted to 38.0 market. NVIDIA was able to sell 33.14 million. units (33.9% of the market), AMD – 18.66 million. pieces (19.1%). The success of other manufacturers looks much more modest: Matrox – 0.12 million. pieces (0.1%), SiS – 2.10 million. units (2.1%), VIA / S3 – 6.63 million. pieces (6.8%).

In the sector of solutions for desktop systems the leader was the company NVIDIA, which owns 37.8% of the market. It is followed by Intel – 33.5%. In third place – AMD with a market share of 17.5%.

The alignment of forces in the sector of mobile processors looks completely different. It is dominated by Intel, whose share is 50.9%. The second place was taken by AMD with 23.4%, displacing NVIDIA to the third position (22.8%).

Overall, the demand for mobile GPUs slowed slightly – 25.8 million units were sold, or 26.4% of the total. In the second quarter, the share of mobile processors was 31.5%. In turn, shipments of desktop products increased from 68.5% to 73.6% (72 million. units).

Source: JPR

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