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BV-R130L5 – 5 JVC LTH BD-R Discs Available Now

As you know, Hitachi Maxell was among the first to produce high-capacity LTH disks,
which announced
recently BDR25VL1P discs – the world’s first LTH optical Blu-ray discs.

She was followed by JVC, which
yesterday started selling BV-R130L5 – a set
of 5 optical discs of this format.

JVC BV-R130L5 are single-sided BD-R discs that have a capacity of 25 GB and
can be recorded at 1 or 2x speed.
Optical media are coated with a special “U-HD” layer, which
protects the information recorded on them from the harmful effects of scratches.

JVC BV-R130L5 price in Japan is ~ $ 54.

Source: JVC

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