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Freescale MPC8610 processor helps robots navigate space

Continuing to unleash the power of the Power Architecture, Freescale Semiconductor has created the MPC8610, which the company says replaces four separate ICs. MPC8610 includes e600 high performance core, AltiVec vector processor, LCD controller and I2S / AC97 blocks for audio input and output.

Among the main areas of application of the novelty are named robots, which the MPC8610 will help to navigate in space; electronic kiosks, which the MPC8610 will give the ability to recognize voices and faces; cockpits where the MPC8610 will bring high definition image output functions.

By integrating the main system blocks into one device, Freescale reduces the number of high-speed parallel buses that would have to be wired on the PCB. This significantly reduces the size of printed circuit boards and end devices. The company estimates it will also help reduce energy consumption and the cost of kiosks, robots, on-board entertainment systems, on-board displays, single board computers and multifunction printers.

A set of peripheral units inherited from the family of embedded processors PowerQUICC.

Some technical details of MPC8610:

  • E600 core frequency – 667-1333 MHz (performance – up to 3000 Dhrystone MIPS);
  • L2 cache – 256 KB;
  • Maximum power consumption – 15 W (at a clock frequency of 1066 MHz);
  • The maximum resolution of the LCD panel is SXGA (1280 x 1024 pixels);
  • The maximum color depth is 24 bits per pixel;
  • Audio interface – two synchronous serial controllers (SSI) for I2S or AC97.

For the production of the MPC8610 processor, the 90nm SOI (silicon-on-insulator) process technology is used. The microcircuits are available in 783-pin FC-PBGA packages with dimensions of 29 x 29 mm.

Source: Freescale Semiconductor

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