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Kontron launches three PC / 104-plus, EPIC and JRex single board computers

Kontron’s assortment has expanded with three models of single-board computers with passive cooling systems. New items are based on the Intel 852GM + ICH-4 chipset and Intel Celeron M or Pentium M processors (up to 1.8 GHz). The system bus frequency of computers is 400 MHz. Image processing is entrusted to the built-in 32-bit core operating at 133 MHz. All three boards can carry up to 1GB of DDR 333 memory. The main difference between the products is in the form factor: PC / 104-plus, EPIC and JRex.

Computer Kontron MOPS-PM PC / 104-plus is made on a motherboard with dimensions of 90?96 mm and is designed for compact systems with PCI and ISA interfaces. The Kontron EPIC / PM model also has PCI and ISA interfaces, and standard port connectors (USB, PS / 2, etc.).P.). Kontron EPIC-PM computer can be used with ATX power supplies or DC 5V power supply (power adapter included).

As for the third computer, its peculiarity is the presence of JFLEX-compatible expansion slots. This model uses a PCI bus. The 3.5-inch board, similar to the EPIC board, contains only SMD components to reduce manufacturing costs.

Declared support for Windows XP, 2000, XPe, CE and Linux.

Source: Kontron

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