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How the cooling system of the Radeon HD 3870 X2 looks up close?

As you know, the release date of AMD Radeon HD 3870 X2, originally designated as “first quarter of 2021”, is set on January 23rd. other details. For example, a source posted detailed snapshots of the cooling system for a dual-processor graphics card.

Judging by the general plan, the cooling system has not changed compared to the one that was visible in the pictures two months ago. It is made according to a fairly simple scheme, which uses a radiator and fan. Apparently, this combination copes well with cooling, so the designers did not remove heat using heat pipes. Well, such a decision has a positive effect on production costs, so it is quite understandable. For most consumers, it is important that the cooler copes with its task, and how exactly the technical problem is solved is the second question.

A close examination of the radiator shows that it is not so simple. Structurally, we can distinguish two modules with frequently located fins – they are entrusted with the task of cooling graphics chips. The “coarser” elements, formed on the third element, which serves as a kind of frame, remove heat from memory chips and power circuits.

Noteworthy is the wave-like bend of the radiator fins, which removes heat from the GPU, and the massive “sole”.

Practice will show how effective the considered design will be.

Source: Сhip Hell

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