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Intel does not limit NVIDIA in QPI support

According to the source, the information flashed some time ago in online publications that Intel is trying to put pressure on NVIDIA to obtain a license to support SLI in its chipsets is untrue. Recall that as a lever of such pressure, the license for the use of QPI (QuickPath Interconnect) in NVIDIA chipsets was allegedly used.

In fact, NVIDIA is said to be ready to release QPI-enabled chipsets for Nehalem this year. Intel is not going to discourage this. Whether SLI support will remain an exclusive feature of NVIDIA chipsets or not is irrelevant in this situation.

Moreover, according to the source, the story with the delays in the release of NVIDIA nForce 780i due to difficulties with Yorkfield support is nothing more than an idle fiction. It is possible that NVIDIA then suffered only because of the choice of not very high-quality components for motherboards, concludes NordicHardware.

Source: NordicHardware

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