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Unika HD 3850 Infinity with GDDR4 memory is the new contender for the fastest HD 3850?

Most recently reported release
adapter model HIS Radeon HD 3850 IceQ 3 TurboX, which is possibly
Fastest representative of Radeon GPU products
HD 3850.

the little-known company Unika, it seems, decided to refute this statement and
break the leader’s crown from the HIS adapter. Recently Announced Product
made on a non-standard design (developed by Triplex), since on
shortened, relative to the reference, the board is not used to the usual
for this class of cards, GDDR3 memory, and
GDDR4 typical for accelerators based on
GPU Radeon HD 3870.

The company was selected as the supplier of memory for the Infinity version
Hynix. Its Hynix 16Mx32 FBGA chips with 0.8 ns access time are used.

The fan-like cooler and fast memory allowed the manufacturer to install such
frequencies: 700/2200 MHz for the chip / memory, respectively.

On whether there will be such an interesting version of the HD 3850
it is not yet known to be shipped to the CIS countries, but with its price of $ 200, it,
probably would be of interest to many computer players and fans of exotic
“Pieces of iron”.

Source: Expreview

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