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Smcwusb-n2 windows 10





Smcwusb-n2 windows 10.


Antec launches new power supplies in the NeoPower series

A couple of new power supplies released by Antec. New items, NeoPower 650 and NeoPower 650 Blue, differ only in the presence of blue LED backlighting and a larger fan in the latter (120 mm), otherwise their characteristics are identical. The power of both is 650W.

The efficiency of the NeoPower series solutions is up to 85% depending on the load level.

Despite the fact that the younger model is cooled only by an 80 mm fan, according to the manufacturer, the typical noise level is about 18 dB.

+12 V lines in power supplies – three, there is an active PFC. It is possible to remove cables not used in this configuration (Advanced Cable Management System).

Power supplies comply with ATX12V v2 standards.2 and EPS12V, backward compatible with ATX12V v2.01.

In NeoPower, Antec has implemented traditional technologies to protect against high load, voltage surges, etc.P.

NeoPower 650 and NeoPower 650 Blue will be sold through the company’s dealers for $ 170 and $ 180, respectively.

Source: Antec

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