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Sony uwa-br100.


Apple allows Leopard Server to be used in virtual machines

Apple has slightly changed its policy regarding the ability to run the Mac OS X Server operating system inside virtual machines, such as, for example, Parallels Desktop or VMware Fusion.

Previously, the Mac OS X Server license stated that Apple does not allow multiple copies of this operating system to run on the same machine. The license now reads: “This license permits you to install and use one copy of Mac OS X Server on one Apple computer. You can also install and use other copies of Mac OS X Server on the same Apple computer, and each copy must have its own valid Apple license. “.

Such changes to the licensing policy of Mac OS X Server will most likely lead to the emergence in the near future of the possibility of installing this operating system inside the virtualization software Parallels and VMware.

“It will take some time to develop a solution to run Leopard Server in a virtual machine, but we are working closely with Apple on this issue and will provide customers with this opportunity as soon as possible,” says Ben Rudolph, director of corporate communications for Parallels.

“We applaud Apple for the licensing policy change. Apple customers will now be able to run Mac OS X, Linux, Windows and other operating systems concurrently on Apple computers, ”said Pat Lee, VMware senior product manager.

It is worth noting that according to the Leopard Server license, this OS can only be run in a virtual machine running on an Apple computer.

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