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Buffalo SHD-UHRS: Flash drives reach 100 GB

Currently, in the category of external drives with a USB interface based on flash memory, the most capacious solutions are 64 GB flash drives available in the arsenal of several manufacturers.

This bar in one fell swoop was overcome by the Japanese company Buffalo, which announced the SHD-UHRS model with a capacity of 100 GB.

To achieve this volume, the manufacturer within the framework of one product had to use two types of flash memory – single-level cell (SLC) and multi-level cell (MLC).

Those wishing to get a record volume will have to come to terms with rather impressive dimensions (57 x 14 x 89 mm, comparable to a mobile phone) and weight (60 grams).

Currently, Buffalo SHD-UHRS drives will be shipped in bulk only, no retail sales will be announced. For wholesale buyers, the drive will cost $ 950.

Source: Buffalo

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