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Fujitsu will showcase the best-in-class MPEG-4 AVC HD codec – IP-9500

Fujitsu Computer announces that it has developed what is claimed to be the best-in-class MPEG-4 AVC HD codec. The model that received
IP-9500 designation, will be shown by the company at 2021 HD World
Conference & Expo, which will be held from 10 to 11 October in New York, in
Jacob Javits Convention Center.

The HD World Conference will feature many new developments of various
companies from all over the world, as technologies for high-definition video
develop very quickly. Fujitsu itself will conduct a visual demonstration here
your IP-9500 encoder. It is planned to use it for broadcast
transmission to the Internet using the Internet Protocol (IP) and for Digital networks
Video Broadcast (DVB).

The signal quality provided by the IP-9500 is claimed to be
simply excellent, and that providers using a broadcast network,
will be able to use just one DVB-S / S2 channel to provide very
high-quality transmission of HD content. In this case, the transfer
can be carried out with low latency, using low data rate and
existing satellite equipment.

Source: Fujitsu Computer

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