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Staples usb to serial adapter





Staples usb to serial adapter.


IDF: Intel Shows First Working Samples of 32nm Nehalem CPU

The next Intel Developer Forum (IDF), held in San Francisco, became the place where the company
Intel, represented by Paul Otellini and Pat
Gelsinger, demonstrated her new products, talked about further
development paths.

32nm Nehalem prototype

And one of these important shows was the demonstration of the industry’s first workers
prototypes of processors made by 32nm process. They were the expected
CPU with Nehalem architecture. This
the solution uses very small transistors – there are about 1.9 billion of them in the chip. pieces. Nehalem processors, according to the company’s plans, should
enter the market in 2021.

300mm substrate for 32nm Nehalem

Nehalem architecture (with QuickPath Interconnect), as reported in a press release
of the company will allow Intel to keep
desktop processors its technological leadership. Also this
architecture should provide the company’s solutions with leadership in terms of
performance and performance per watt of energy. QuickPath will
include an on-board memory controller and provide fast communication between
components of the system, which ultimately should have a beneficial effect on
overall system performance.

Otellini also noted that Nehalem is a completely new architecture,
allowing you to achieve even more than with the proven and successful
Core architecture. This will translate into a higher speed of processors and their
lower power consumption. Nehalem will bring properties to the mass market,
previously unique to server processors.

In addition to the most advanced processor of the future today – Nehalem, Otellini mentioned
also Penryn, whose release is just around the corner,
in particular, he confirmed the exit
25-watt dual-core
versions for the future mobile platform

Source: Intel

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