Tactrix 1.3.FS: Tactrix 1.3 cable (NOT CANBUS)


Tactrix 1.3


Openport 1.3 cable vs Tactrix 2.0 cable vs Evoscan vs Mitsulogger.Openport cable vs Tactrix cable vs Evoscan vs Mitsulogger


Jan 03,  · For some reason, once Tactrix cable ver. is connected, when I go into ECUFlash it is not connecting. In the past I used Tactrix and had no problems. All I am trying to do is flash my ECU back to stock since I have removed my turboback. Aug 24,  · I’m selling my Tactrix cable. Comes with the harness for the Mitsus, but no jumpers. $ obo. EDIT: It used to be Nuke’s. I should be selling this for much more as its had his viruses running thru it. Aug 07,  · Post subject: Re: Low programming voltage w/ Tactrix 02 WRX. Posted: Mon Jul 27, am. Newbie: Joined: Mon May 11, pm Posts: 5 Well I figured it out from the schematic. I took the cable apart and compared the board to the schematic I linked. It had a seemingly large discrepancy when the VppEN output to Q1 (transistor that.


Tactrix 1.3.EvoScan U Universal USB Datalogging and Reflashing Cable

Mar 23,  · Openport is the new Tactrix cable? right? I have the older which has always worked fine. I downloaded the “ECUflash Here” first one in the list. I says it includes all the / drivers needed. When I plug in the cable and open the logger, there are no Com Ports listed int he drop down box. It is blank. The Openport and use USB interface chips from FTDI as wells as drivers and DLLs also provided by FTDI. bit and bit versions of these drivers for Windows XP and Windows Vista that are customized for the OpenPort Cable are included in the EcuFlash installer and are installed automatically. In the OS X version of EcuFlash, there are. Jan 05,  · I have done some searching on here as well as TGC on the tactrix cables, so far it seems everything I have found people are using the u. Is the a new update for the u or am I missing something entirely and the is not applicable for me? Btw yes this will be used on an 01 Ecu with.
EvoScan 1.3U Universal USB Datalogging and Reflashing Cable
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