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Tl wn821n driver





Tl wn821n driver.


SanDisk drives get remote access keys

One of the features of computing technology is the ability to expand the functionality of existing solutions using software. For example, updating the BIOS allows you to expand the list of processors supported by the motherboard; video communication software turns a laptop with a web camera and headset into a video phone; by writing programs designed to run without pre-installation to the USB memory, you can turn it from a data warehouse into a mobile workstation. A product that is the result of a collaboration between LogMeIn and SanDisk fits perfectly into this series of examples.

LogMeIn, a remote access software tool company, has an agreement with SanDisk to make LogMeIn Ignition part of the suite of software included with SanDisk u3 drives.

LogMeIn Ignition installed on any portable device connected to a PC (USB stick, digital camera, MP3 player, cell phone) instantly turns it into a kind of key for remote access. In turn, the u3 drive, connected to the USB port of a Windows PC, provides secure access to the mail program, web browser, organizer and other utilities to increase productivity. Now LogMeIn Ignition has been added to the list of these programs, which has expanded the functionality of the drive.

LogMeIn Ignition programmed in SanDisk u3 drives is an evaluation copy for 30 days of use. Full license price for a year – $ 49.95.

Source: LogMeIn

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