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NVIDIA GeForce 9600 Tech Details Plus Pricing

Chinese resource Expreview shared
information about upcoming NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GPUs. Today from
graphics card manufacturers in Taiwan became famous
additional details on this product.

One of its code designations is the previously mentioned D9P, the second is
G94. This mass product will replace the GeForce 8600, but unlike it,
G94 will already have 256-bit memory access. The same sources on
Taiwan considers adapters based on this chip as competitors of Radeon HD 3850,
only with a higher performance than his (about 20% -40%).

The G94 for the GeForce 9600 series will be 65nm and produced on
facilities of TSMC. Inside: 64 stream processors, 2nd generation PureVideo engine, 256-bit memory access,
the volume of which should be 512 MB. GeForce 9600GT cards are expected to be
cost $ 169.

The standard cooling system for GeForce 9600 series cards is planned to be a single-slot one, however,
in the performance of the company’s partners, there are probably options. Printed design
the board will be slightly different than that of the GeForce 8800GT. It is 6-8 layers PCB and three-phase
food. The pin count of the G94 is even higher than that of the G92.

HDMI and DisplayPort connectors are not provided by default, but it is reported that the board has reserved space for the chip

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