Usb to serial adapter staples.


Usb to serial adapter staples





Usb to serial adapter staples.


SAPPHIRE Releases Radeon HD 2000 with AGP and Black Box Bundled

SAPPHIRE Technology has joined the list of manufacturers that have decided to expand their product line with video cards based on Radeon HD 2000 equipped with an AGP interface.

The series will start with the SAPPHIRE HD 2600 PRO AGP, and will soon be joined by the 2600 XT AGP and models based on the Radeon HD 2400 core.

The first of the DX10-compatible SAPPHIRE graphics cards with AGP interface has the following characteristics:

  • GPU: RADEON HD 2600 PRO (RV630)
  • GPU frequencies (ROPs / Shaders): 600/600 MHz (nominal – 600/600 MHz)
  • Memory frequencies (physical (effective)): 500 (1000) MHz, DDR2
  • Memory bus width: 128-bit
  • Number of universal processors: 120
  • Texture processors: 8
  • ROPs: 4
  • RAMDACs / TDMS: Integrated into GPU.
  • Output jacks: 2xDVI, TV-out.
  • VIVO: no
  • TV-out: integrated into the GPU
  • Multiprocessor support: CrossFire (Software)

The XT version will operate at 800/1400 MHz, and the fact that the box will contain a coupon for a free download from Steam of a set of Half Life 2 Black Box games will add to its attractiveness.

Source: SAPPHIRE Technology

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