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Total HD: Blu-ray / HD DVD Hybrid Discs Not Soon to See

This is how you can correct the title of our previous news on this topic.

In an interview with a source, a Warner Home Entertainment spokesperson said the previously announced hybrid discs combining HD DVD and Blu-ray discs in a single medium will not hit store shelves for the foreseeable future.

Recall that the release of optical media, which is suitable for devices designed for both Blu-ray and HD DVD, under the sonorous name of Total HD, was scheduled for the end of this year or the beginning of next year. Six months have passed since Warner promised to release universal discs, and now the company has decided to postpone the debut of the new media.

The reason is the change in the market situation caused by the decision of Paramount to become an exclusive support for HD DVD.

In fact, at the moment, Warner Home Entertainment Group is the only publisher that supports both Blu-ray and HD DVD. Of course, the release of a hybrid disk in such a situation would be unjustified – the new media would simply not be in demand by Warner’s retail partners and would confuse buyers even more. At the same time, Total HD may have a chance if other studios also take a neutral position, abandoning exclusive support for one format or another.

Source: High-Def Digest

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