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Blu-ray: Panasonic 9.5mm Drive Available as Samples

In the middle of this year, we reported a very thin, 7mm
Panasonic drive – then
a new record was set for the smallest thickness for a multi-format writer
drive (before that we knew 9.5 mm and before them 12.7 mm DVD-devices, as the thinnest in
its time), at least for this company.

Now history repeats itself, only instead of DVD-Multi
there are already more modern ones that support the Blu-ray standard. Exactly like this
a drive that works with BD discs and is thick
only 9.5 mm, they are starting to ship, so far in the form of test, introductory

Based on the photos and press release of the company, it is difficult to collect enough
technical information about the new product, it is probably in store for
exhibition-show International CES-2021 (Las Vegas,
opening on January 7), to which the drive will soon go and go.

the drive uses “slimline” lens actuators and
spherical laser deflection correction mechanism.

With the advent of
the market for this device is expected to explode in new lightweight
laptop models equipped with a slim and light 9.5mm BD drive

Source: Panasonic Communications

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