The expression “upload files” takes on a literal meaning: a bottle of wine as a USB drive

A variety of flash drives are available from manufacturers: the bulletproof Pretec i-Disk, the diamond-adorned Adam & Eve, and the vibrant ACP-EP SurfDrive for surf lovers.

New product under the Be Wine Connected brand is aimed at those who are interested in wines. Judge for yourself: firstly, the drive is made in the form of a wine bottle; secondly, it comes with Open Cellar preinstalled. The purpose of the program is to track the collection of wines. In addition, the drive has been written (or uploaded?) and other thematic materials: a documentary about the production of famous French wine; seven videos featuring legendary wine taster Michael Roland; a guide to classic wine brands; screen saver, Windows desktop wallpaper and even two dozen ringtones for cell phone.

The volume of the drive is 1 GB, about half of this volume is occupied by the materials listed above. The price of an unusual novelty indicated on the website is 35 euros.

Source: Be Wine Connected

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