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Usbtv007 drivers.


The Japanese decided to go further with Accelero S1 and released an expensive “extreme version” of the cooler – ZAV-X8800

A new version of a quiet but efficient cooling system for new video cards,
Accelero S1 Rev. 2,
gained popularity not only in Europe but also in Japan.

Zaward introduced a modified, extreme version of ZAV
Accelero Xtreme-8800, which costs much more than the recommended $ 26. per
Accelero S1 Rev model.2 – Accelero Xtreme-8800 (ZAV-X8800) price in Japan was $ 59.

The dimensions of the cooling system are 256 x 88 x 21 mm and weighs 404 grams. it
much larger than the cooler (138 x 215 x 33mm and 268g.) on which
Extreme version of ZAV-X8800 was founded. The 8800 prefix is ​​in the name for a reason.
The cooler is designed and positioned as a cooling device
specifically for work with GeForce 8800 cards
Ultra GTX and GTS (on G80). However, it can be installed on
other accelerators: ATI
Radeon HD 3870, 3850, 2600, 2400, X1950, X1900, X1800, X1650, X1600, X1550 and
X1300; NVIDIA GeForce 8800GTS (G92), 8800GT, 8600, 8500, 8400, 7950GT, 7900,
7800, 7600, 7300, 6800, 6600 (except 7X00 GS AGP).

The ZAV-X8800 has an additional three 80mm fans, the rotation speed is 1520-2000 rpm., flow
air 63 cc.ft / min. The novelty has already entered the retail
sales in Japan, while no sales data in Europe is available.

Sources: Zaward, ASCII

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