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Epson Stylus Photo R1900: A3 inkjet printer+

Epson unveils new A3 + Stylus Photo R1900 inkjet printer, which uses a new image processing technology, which is a specially developed color mixing algorithm.

The Epson Stylus Photo R1900 uses a split cartridge system that allows the user to change the cartridge only for the color that has run out.
The printer uses the new Epson UltraChrome Hi-Gloss2 ink, which, according to the manufacturer, guarantees a very wide color gamut, smooth tonal transitions and natural shades. In addition to cyan, magenta and yellow inks, UltraChrome Hi-Gloss2 contains matte black, photo black, red and orange cartridges, as well as a colorless glossy polymer cartridge that is designed to make glossy images as shiny, vibrant and rich as possible.

The eight-color ink system in the Stylus Photo R1900 provides a very large number of 18,446,774 quintillions (10 to the 18th power) of color combinations. Naturally, the printer must very accurately determine which combination should be used at each specific point of each photo. For this task, Epson, in collaboration with the Munsell Color Science laboratory at the Rochester Institute of Technology, UK, has developed the Epson LUT technology. This technology works on the basis of a special mathematical algorithm in conjunction with the Epson Micro Piezo print head. Epson LUT technology determines how much of each color is used to convert a standard RGB source to CMYK for printing.

Another technology implemented in the Stylus Photo R1900 is Epson Advanced Variable Sized Droplet Technology. The printer uses 5 different droplet sizes when printing. For detailed areas, small drops of up to 1.5 pl are used, for monochromatic areas – larger ones.

Printer prints on glossy, matte and art papers in both sheets and rolls. Supports printing on paper of various formats: 10×15, 13×18, 30×30 – and other sizes that the user can specify independently, as well as on the surface of CD and DVD discs. Users can also print directly from a digital camera without a computer via PictBridge.

The software included with the Epson Stylus Photo R1900 contains the Epson Print CD software for printing onto disc surfaces and the Epson Creativity Suite for selecting, managing and printing documents and photos.

Epson Stylus Photo R1900 will be available on the Russian market in November 2021.


  • Borderless printing up to 5760×1440 dpi
  • Print speed: A3 + print at 1440×720 dpi (Photo Mode) in 106 seconds
  • Quick connection according to the standard Dual Port USB 2.0 Hi-Speed

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