AMD Phenom 9500 Available Now… as part of finished PCs in Japan

In our news with the resounding title “How much does Phenom for the people?”we have already reported that sales of these processors to AMD
about to start. This message was also indirectly confirmed
information, which was also clarifying the expected prices for
4-core Phenom.

Meanwhile, in
Japan, where all new items tend to appear earlier than anywhere else
(usually), sales can be said to have already started. And even if not “in its pure form”, but
indirectly, but for some users it is even more convenient…

Akihabara News tells us that
The Phenom 9500 was already available yesterday, November 20, for the average buyer, though
not in a boxed version or OEM version, but as a part of ready-made PCs.

So, you can buy such AMD-based computers on sale
Phenom 9500 (2.2

  • TwoTop VIP X95K9AP / DVRAM / HD387: Vista Home Basic, Phenom 9500 CPU, 2GB
    RAM (8 GB max.), 500GB HDD, DVD ±
    DL, video AMD 770 = 1050 euros;

  • FORTISSION X49500XN / DVR: Vista Home Basic, Phenom 9500 CPU, 2 GB RAM (8
    GB max.), 500 GB HDD, DVD ± DL,
    GeForce 8600GT (256 MB VRAM), AMD 790X chipset = 735 euros;

  • DosPara Prime A Galleria PH: XP Home / Vista
    Home, Phenom 9500 CPU, AMD 770 + SB600 chipset (HyperTransport
    3.0), PCI-Express 2.0, GeForce 8800 GT (512 MB VRAM), 2 GB RAM, 500 GB
    HDD = 884 euros;

  • Mouse Computer: LUV MACHINES Lm-A420S: XP Home /
    Vista Home, Phenom 9500 CPU, 1 GB RAM, 160 GB HDD, GeForce
    6100, DVD ± DL = 495 euros.

As the source notes, all these computers from different manufacturers are available in richer configuration options, in addition to the basic. Thus, if in the Land of the Rising Sun the start
sales took place, albeit in the form of ready-made solutions, it is quite appropriate to assume a very early announcement and start of sales of new AMD products in Europe and the CIS.

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