What is nvidia virtual audio device.


What is nvidia virtual audio device





What is nvidia virtual audio device.


File exchangers: BitTorrent v.6.0 Build 4747

The BitTorrent program has been updated, which works according to the protocol of the same name and is designed to exchange files on the Web. BitTorrent works just like other similar programs, but unlike them, the connection occurs not only through the server, but also directly between individual users.

In version 6, the size of the distribution has been reduced, the work with peers and downloads has been improved, a module for setting up a channel on a schedule has been added, new options have been added to limit downloads, an RSS Downloader has been added, etc.d. Details can be found here.

Download BitTorrent v.6.0 Build 4747 at the following URLs (Freeware):

  • For Windows (853 KB)

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