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WION (World Is One News) brings latest & breaking news from South Asia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and rest of the World in politics, business, economy, sports, lifestyle, science & technology with opinions & analysis. Apr 19,  · With hackers monitoring passwords, cookies, and browsing, users need all the protection they can get. Wipe claims to offer that protection in such an easy manner anyone can use it. Subcategory: Privacy Software. wipe (wīp) tr.v. wiped, wip·ing, wipes 1. a. To subject to light rubbing or friction, as with a cloth or paper, in order to clean or dry. b. To clean or dry by rubbing: wiped my feet before I went inside. c. To rub, move, or pass (a cloth, for example) over a surface. 2. a. To remove by or as if by rubbing: wipe off dirt; wipe away grease. b. To blot.


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I primarily play Pixelmon and own the Pokecentral my Discord! Wipe definition is – to rub with or as if with something soft for cleaning. How to use wipe in a sentence. Oct 20,  · You can perform a simple wipe to remove your installed programs and files by resetting your computer to factory settings, or you can securely erase your computer’s hard drive if you need to make data recovery impossible. If you have a Mac that uses a Solid State Drive (SSD), resetting your computer is enough to securely erase the drive. Method 1Views: K.

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The new ASUS Eee PC will be built on Intel Atom

As expected, new processors
Intel Atom
must compete with VIA solutions.
Jerry Shen told Laptop Magazine that
future version of the acclaimed laptop ASUS Eee PC
would rather receive an Intel Atom processor (Diamondville) than the recently introduced
VIA Isaiah.

Slowly but surely, new editions of the ASUS Eee computer
PCs are becoming more functional and more expensive than
model originally announced, but Mr. Shen expresses the hope that prices for the new Eee PC models will drop fairly quickly.

So, already in May of this year, we can expect the appearance of the Eee PC on
Atom processor base (Diamondville core). According to the source, despite
VIA’s claims that its Isaiah is faster than Atom, ASUS will prefer
Atom (45nm process, more interesting prices for ASUS).
The power consumption of both solutions is approximately at the same level.

An Eee PC model with an 8.9 “(1024 x 600 dots) screen will
work under Windows XP or Xandros Linux OS and be equipped with
8, 12, or 20 GB SSD storage. The amount of RAM in this case will be 1 GB. Price in
US for such a laptop will be $ 499., which already allows such a laptop to be attributed to the segment of mass devices, where often for this money there are already more capacious drives and a larger screen.

Perhaps this price is somewhat overpriced, noted Shen.
In this case, the market will quickly determine the most appropriate price for the updated Eee PC. But only in the fourth quarter of last year, the company sold about 350 thousand. units of Eee PC, and the market potential is estimated by the company’s specialists at 700 thousand. units of laptops per month.

Eee PCs to undergo some more design changes in the third quarter of this year. After the next update, they will receive broadband HSDPA / WiMAX.

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