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Xecuter ck3 pro.


Plagiat-Inform supports three degrees of depth for checking works for plagiarism

The SoftInform company announces the release of a new version of the Plagiat-Inform system, which is a tool for determining the presence of plagiarism in any document.

From the new version, Plagiarism-Inform 1.3 supports three degrees of depth of plagiarism checking, from quick check to in-depth.

  • The quick check is used for preliminary assessment of works, and also allows you to immediately determine which works are blatant plagiarism.
  • Checking in the “Smart” -mode allows you to more thoroughly check the work and reveals the fact of plagiarism even with serious text editing and compilation of work from different sources.
  • In-depth search allows you to get the most detailed report on the sources from which the information was borrowed.

In the program Plagiat-Inform 1.3, the search algorithm was significantly improved, as a result of which the system entered qualitatively new speed indicators in operation. The interface of the program was also improved, which made it even more convenient to use.

The Plagiat-Inform system solves the problem of plagiarism, thanks to the use of a unique patented technology for searching documents with similar content. In the new version of the program, additional functionality of the search technology “SoftInform” was implemented to make the system more
stability in work. And if, after editing the text, Plagiat-Inform cannot determine the fact of plagiarism, it means that they have worked so hard on the work that we can safely consider it independent.

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