Xhci windows 7.


Xhci windows 7





Xhci windows 7.


Current CPU Phenom and Barcelona contain a performance bug

Interesting information regarding AMD Phenom and Opteron processors (Barcelona) appeared on the pages of several Internet resources.

According to them, the already presented AMD quad-core processors are extremely difficult to find on sale due to the fact that the manufacturer made a mistake when designing chips in the TLB (translation look-aside buffer buffer for fast conversion of virtual addresses to physical) cache memory L3.

In some applications, this defect can cause the system to freeze.

All processors of revision B2 are affected. At the software level, it can be solved by making some changes to the BIOS of motherboards, but in this case, users will have to sacrifice about 10% of the performance.

The situation is somewhat better for users of the 64-bit version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Upgrade 4. For them, the loss of productivity will keep within 1%. For Phenom owners running Windows, an update to the AMD Overdrive utility is expected, which will allow you to enable / disable the patch, increasing system performance or reliability.

B3 revision of Barcelona and Phenom processors expected in February-March next year.

At the same time, you do not have to look for differences in the marking. AMD will simply release the Phenom 9550 and 9650 to replace the current 9500 and 9600.

Until then, the volumes of their supplies will be very insignificant.

Source: TechReport

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